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Where it all began...ZOOG to Zoombies


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ZOOG rained down from the heavens on the planet Earth for a full solar cycle.


At first, it was only the non-living creations of the dominant species that turned. A curious decay overtook everything, spreading like an invisible infection, nothing was left untouched.

After some time, the living creatures on Earth-20 started to exhibit the decay. First were the plants, small grasses and shrubs, then the food producing trees and aquatic species. Perhaps it was these contaminated food sources, we do not know, but the infection soon spread into the planet’s primary lifeforms. 

Animals and the bipedal humanoid creatures all experienced the merciless touch of ZOOG decay. 

Our measurements indicate a period of 2000 solar cycles had passed with very little change to the organisms of Earth-20 before a planetary fragmentation split the planet into pieces. 

It was only in the last 100 solar cycles that we saw an opportunity as the chaos settled.

We, The Hodlings, are an enterprising species who have travelled far from our home in the Zurgh galaxy to claim what remains of Earth-20. We value economic harmony, freedom from authoritative regimes, and deep social connections. We saw an opportunity to harness the remains of Earth-20 and build it into a trade economy for ownership, profit and entertainment. 

Employing 4D time capture/slicing technology, we have completed an effective “download” of Earth-20’s infected species into non-fungible, trade-able data cards: the first Zoombies NFT collection.

You, merchants, are now empowered with the ability to trade and transport all of these assets across each of the planet’s remaining fragments to use as you see fit, setting the foundation for the Zoombies World Order.


It is here, Merchants, with the tools that we have set before you, that your journey begins.

A caution, however, that the Zoombies World Order does not come without risk. We have worked hard to invent a utopian system, but the ZOOG infection runs deep... its quantum chaos permeates the fabric of everything that was and leaves many a confident participant a victim of its unforgiving outcomes. Do you have what it takes to join us and harness the new Zoombies World Order to build your own empire?

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Play With Other Players Worldwide

Start playing today to Win Tokens
and Unlock Rare NFTs

In the Zoombies world, you collect NFT cards to build a strong and powerful deck to battle against other players.  

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