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Where it all began... ZOOG to Zoombies

Welcome Hodlings

In the distant past, when the stars were young and the galaxies were still forming, a strange substance known as ZOOG began to rain down from the heavens onto Earth-20...


For 888 solar cycles, the goo spread across the planet, seeping into every crevice and covering every surface. It seemed harmless enough in the beginning, but soon the effects of ZOOG began to manifest.

At first, it was only the non-living artifacts of the dominant species that turned. A curious, undead decay overtook everything, spreading like an invisible infection, nothing was left untouched. Buildings, machines, and other man-made creations all became twisted and decayed, animated by a strange undead force.

After some time, the living creatures of Earth-20 started to exhibit the same decay. First were the plants, small grasses and shrubs, then the food producing crops and aquatic species. Perhaps it was these contaminated food sources, but the infection soon spread into the planet’s primary lifeforms. Reptiles and animals, insects and bipedal humanoid creatures all exhibited the merciless touch of ZOOG decay in their new undead existences.

All of the organisms of Earth-20 were eventually completely infected. The planet body itself became fragile and was on the brink of fragmentation. In a catastrophic event, the planet was torn apart, leaving behind only remnants of its former glory.

But even as the planet crumbled, a new order emerged. We, the Hodlings, a species of interstellar traders, had been watching the events on Earth-20 with great interest. We saw an opportunity in the chaos, and we seized it.

We Hodlings are an enterprising species who have traveled far from our home planet of Zoria to claim what remains of Earth-20. We value economic harmony, freedom from authoritative regimes, and deep social connections. We saw an opportunity to harness the remains of Earth-20 and have built it into a trade economy for ownership and entertainment.

Employing 4D time capture and slicing technology, we have completed an effective “download” of Earth-20’s infected artifacts and living species into non-fungible, tradable data cards: the Zoombies NFT Collection. These cards, containing the DNA and memories of the planet's former inhabitants, have become a valuable commodity in our new Hodling economy.

The Zoombies World Order has been born… a new economy built on the twisted remnants of a once-great civilization. And so, the destructive legacy of ZOOG and the downfall of Earth-20 lives on, preserved in the Zoombies NFT collection, to be traded among the stars for generations to come.

bonsai boxhead

It is here, Hodling Friends, with the tools that we have set before you, that your Zoombies journey begins.

ZOOM Token
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Play With Other Players Worldwide

Start playing today to Win Tokens
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In the Zoombies world, you collect NFT cards to build a strong and powerful deck to battle against other players.  

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