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In everything we do, we believe in creating connected experiences.

We believe in experiencing amazing things…. Together.
Want to be a part of it? Join our Ambassador Program. 

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Zoombie Fan

What does it mean to be a Zoombies Ambassador?

As a Zoombies Ambassador, you act as a liaison between the the Zoombies platform & your social networks and community. You become a representative of the Zoombies brand and mission, which is to connect all people in a meaningful, fun way. In exchange for perks related to the Zoombies World, we expect you, as an ambassador, to relay news & updates about Zoombies to your network so we can expand our rapidly growing community!

Zoombies Token

What perks will Zoombies Ambassadors receive?

  • Earn extra booster credits & claim more Zoombies NFT Cards!

  • Beta access to any and all new features across the Zoombies NFT World!

  • Support from the Zoombies team & other ambassadors to help expand and grow your network!

  • Get early access to games, events, token drops, and much much more!


How do you become a Zoombies Ambassador?


What can you expect after applying?

One of our team members will reach out via Discord or Telegram with the onboarding process. Most applicants are accepted within 48 hours of submitting so keep an eye out for a message from someone from the Zoombies team! 

Once onboarded, you’ll have exclusive access to private networks and channels filled with other Zoombies ambassadors so you can grow together!

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